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About the game

Cubiques 2 is the sequel of our acclaimed indie game "Cubiques". In this new sequel multiple cubes invade this simplistic but very challenging world. Every movement must be well thought out since each movement can affect multiple cubes in the environment.


  • 70 unique and beautiful puzzle levels.
  • Simple swipe controls.
  • Ability to scroll through already played levels providing you a way to track your best score.
  • Beautiful black and white 3D isometric design.
  • Localized in English, Spanish, French, German, Romanian, and Italian.
  • Beautiful graphic design.
  • Unique and relaxing music.
  • Fluid menu animations.
  • Multiple leaderboards.
  • Social sharing integration.
  • iOS Metal Graphic API support.
  • iOS iMessage Sticker Pack.


"Sometimes things don't have to be complicated to be a good puzzler, and Cubiques looks like it might use the right side of minimalism." Pocket Gamer

"If you enjoy minimalist puzzle games on your phone, you'll probably enjoy Cubiques. The art style goes for a Monument Valley kind of aesthetic." Touch Arcade

"A minimalistic puzzle platformer reminiscent of Edge." AppAdvice

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A collection of screenshots taken during Cubiques 2 Game development. Notice that screenshots may differ from final game release.

Screenshot 1

Level Prototype 1 beautiful architecture.

Screenshot 2

Level Prototype 2 multiple cubes.

Screenshot 3

Level Prototype 3 different level design.

Screenshot 4

Level Prototype 4 with going around.

Screenshot 5

Level Prototype 4 a challenge to solve.

Screenshot 6

Level Prototype 4 simple tall architecture.

Screenshot 7

Level Prototype 4 simple maze.

Screenshot 8

Level Prototype 4 interesting shape.

Screenshot 9

Level Prototype 4 walls and portals.

Screenshot 10

Level Prototype 10 dissolving floors.

Screenshot 11

Level Prototype 11 simple level.

Screenshot 12

Level Prototype 12 tall dissolving floors.


Cubiques 2 Game Contributors

Dilmer Valecillos

Project Lead / Programmer / Graphic Designer / Level Designer

Mattias Wargren

Beta Tester

Social Media